About me and my campaign for the 2020 Olympics

My name is Aoife Hopkins. I am 21 years old and from Howth Co. Dublin. I sail the laser radial which is the women's Olympic boat.
My goal is to represent Ireland at the 2020 Olympics. My home club is Howth Yacht Club and I grew up attending Junior sailing courses there.
I am proud to represent both Howth Yacht Club and Ireland at international events.


My training during the week is in Dun Laoghaire and although I don't enjoy the commute over and back, I love the sailing and the progress that I have been making.
I am a member of the Irish Sailing Olympic Development Team and am supported by them with the provision of a coach for training and events. 
My coach is Rory Fitzpatrick and he has had amazing success with a silver medal at the last Olympics. Rory has developed a program that is primed for success and designed to deliver at the Olympic's next summer.


In addition to sailing I'm on a 7 days a week fitness programme consisting of strength and conditioning and cycling.
My program is under the expert management of Mark McCabe from Sports Med Ireland on Kildare street in Dublin.
In general I attend strength and conditioning sessions 3 times a week and also cycle 3 times. My program is constantly monitored and every session I do is recorded. I have to upload the data from these training sessions to a web-portal where they are reviewed and analysed.


I am supported by Irish Sailing Performance, and the Irish Sailing Foundation who allow me to use one of their boats at training and events in Europe.
Sport Ireland have provided me with sports psychologist sessions this year. I also attend regular fitness testing at the Institute of Sport.
I've been working hard to balance study and sport over the last few years and had great success in my leaving cert. The help of Eoin Rheinisch from the Institute of Sport has been invaluable to me.


I'm in second year financial mathematics in UCD and finding the course interesting and challenging! With the help of the staff at the Ad Astra Academy,in particular Ann O'Hanlon, I hope to continue my education and sailing to a high standard.

"My goal is to represent Ireland at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

Join me on this journey"

Aoife Hopkins

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